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CTE & Pathways


A first-year student (resident) at East Greenwich High School has the opportunity to pursue a Pathway Endorsement. Out-of-district students who are interested in enrolling in a Pathway at EGHS must formally apply through the Career and Technical Education (CTE) application process and may be eligible for state-provided transportation.

A Pathway designation will appear on the student’s transcript and diploma and demonstrates to colleges and employers a depth of study and experience in one specific area. To earn a Pathway Endorsement, students must successfully complete three components:

  1. Academic study that includes the successful completion of three (3) independent, successively-more-challenging and connected courses;

  2. Career and interest engagement (work-based learning hours) that provide students with real-world context in their chosen pathway area; and a

  3. Culminating experience that will fulfill the performance graduation requirement (a.k.a, senior project/exhibition, portfolio, or capstone product). 

Pathway Options 

Computer Science 

Graphics Communication Technology 

Engineering Design and Manufacturing 

Finance and Entrepreneurship 

Music and Performing Arts  

Visual Arts